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How Not To Run A Comic Has Ended
For a list of past themes, check the Past Themes page.

Most recent submission by Terotrous
For "How Not To End A Comic"

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

  New in last update:

How Not to Run a Comic (HNTRAC for short) is a collaboration project from numerous webcartoonists parodying many of the common pitfalls of webcomics.
Our aim is to show prospective (and current) webcomic artists what they might be doing wrong, by making the same mistakes outselves.

Every now and then, we tackle a new theme, so check back often.
HNTRAC (pronounced "hownottorunacomic" all as one word) also accepts contributions, so check out the Contribute page!
We want all the entries we can get.

New Comics in the Romance and Ending themes.

The HNTRAC Staff:

 Terotrous, Phalanx and McDuffies.

At times affectionately dubbed as the "HNTRAC Police"
Terotrous (a.k.a. Adam King) is the backbone of HNTRAC, and does most of the hard work such as updating the site. He has two other comics, Philosophy Bites and his HNTRAC-inspired Comic Creatorz.

In a moment of supreme boredom, Phalanx (a.k.a. Ping Teo) came up with the original idea for HNTRAC. Being busy with her now-moved-to Graphic Smash comic The Jaded and numerous other projects, however, she handed over control of the site to Tero, who revamped it from its previous state of total chaos to its present state of infrequently updated chaos.

McDuffies (a.k.a. Srdjan Achimovich) comments and does most of the promoting work for HNTRAC. He also runs other comic projects such as Comic Writer X, Keenspace Lobotomy and Little White Knight on Graphic Smash.



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