Posted by Terotrous on 2007/02/09

Well, this is it. HNTRAC is done. I'd like to thank everyone who ever contributed to the site, and also to all the people who put up with my sporadic update schedule (which I suppose is probably the same group of people). It's been fun. I hope people liked this site.

HNTRAC's email address is probably going to expire soon enough, so we really aren't taking any submissions anymore. You could still use the tagboard if you want to mention something, but I can't promise I'd see it very fast.

Additionally, there's been one last new submission since last time, but through the magic of my admin powers, I'm keeping my last comic on the front. You should still check it out, though.

The site will of course remain up as long as Comic Genesis will host it, forever a testament to How Not To Run A Webcomic.

The Beginning of the End

Posted by Terotrous on 2006/10/14

Wow, it's been a whole year since the last update. Anyway, I suppose you'd like to know what's been going on in that time. First, a lot's changed in my life, and I've found that the niche working on comics used to fill has been completely filled by other things. All that remains really is the guilt of not finishing things, but it's not really been enough to motivate me into action. Second, the HNTRAC email expired, wiping out all the unfiled submissions - Now I couldn't come off hiatus even if I wanted to, those submissions are simply gone. Serves me right for stalling for so long, I suppose. Finally, several people have offered to take over the site. It's not as though I don't think other people would be capable of running it, and I am grateful that people would even care this much, but I think the time to end the site has come. Of the original team that started it, I'm the only one left, and if you look at the people who initially contributed to it, they're almost all gone, too. This started as a silly jam thread on the Comic Genesis Forums, and it snowballed into all this, but now it bears almost no resemblance to this original thing anymore. Perhaps there still is a market for a comic that is run this way, and to all who volunteered to take over this comic, I highly recommend you start one - I'll even plug you here - but it's clear that what this comic was and what it set out to do has run its course.

I was just going to post a message saying people shouldn't submit anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Ultimately, this site does deserve better, so I'm going to end it how I always knew it needed to be ended - with the How Not to End a Comic theme. This is absolutely the last theme submission, because it couldn't occur anywhere else but at the end. There's going to be a time limit on this one, probably about a month or two, after which time HNTRAC is going to really close up shop for good, so get your submissions in fast.

In keeping with how this all began, I've collected a fair bunch from the Comic Genesis forums to start us off. Now if anyone is still reading this, now's your chance to send in your own entries.

Some Explanation-ness

Posted by Terotrous on 2005/11/03

As you may have noticed, this site updates super infrequently these days. This is due in part to the fact that I am now the only member of the team who still works on it, and also due to my new school year which takes up tons of time. It has become clear that the makeshift program I made to update this site in like one day isn't good enough and I'll have to make a new one. Should I ever get around to this, I should be able to update the site much faster (and thus more often). But for now, here's another update done the slow way.


Posted by Terotrous on 2005/07/30

I'm going on a vacation, but you won't notice considering how infrequently this site updates. It may actually mean faster service.

Rumours Of My Death

Posted by Terotrous on 2005/05/07

You may have heard that I was dead. Well, I almost was. However, now we have some new submissions up. This is not all the submissions, there are still about 10 more I haven't processed yet, but only so many can go in one single update.

Big Update

Posted by Terotrous on 2005/03/07

We're back. Many new comics up. Nothing like prentending to be dead to get people to send things in.

Hooray For Lateness

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/12/19

Season's Greetings to all our remaining readers. I have updated the site again, after far, far too long. I'm going to be start work on an automating more of the site, because the lack of updates is getting ridiculous. Also, there's a somewhat important poll in the forums, so it would help if you would vote. You might have to register, though.


Posted by Terotrous on 2004/10/23

We've finally gotten this matter sorted out, so you can now register for HNTRAC's shiny new forum. If for some reason you wanted to be reviewed, this is how you'd do it.

I Have An Excuse! Don't Kill Me!!

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/10/04

Yes, I know this site hasn't updated in a long time. But that's because we were working on something big. You'll notice the "Reviews" section of the navigation bar has now been activated, and the first review is posted. You can't apply for a review yet (that's still in development), but you will be able to soon. And I updated some comics too. Don't forget to keep sending them in.

New In This Update

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/09/04

The new comics section to my left now only shows comics added in the most recent update. Now you don't have to wonder which ones you've already read.

How To Kill Off Terotrous

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/08/30

Four new comics up. I am aware that there are many more but this is enough for one go.

How Not To Make a 'How Not To Run A Comic' Comic

Posted by Phalanx on 2004/08/29

Okay, we're a little slow on getting wind of this... but apparently Bigger Than Cheeses just produced a HNTRAC-inspired comic(?) called, believe it or not: How NOT to Make a 'How NOT to Run A Comic' Comic.

When you've finished getting your tongue around that tongue-twister, you might want to take a look at it. You know what? We should have had something like that strip in our contributions page long long ago. We have been getting some complaints of repetitive strip content for some time now.

Oh, and how did I find this out? I decided to take a peek at the HNTRAC webalizer logs and noticed a humung- no... gigantic... Well, here's a chart to give you guys an idea of how big that traffic spike was:

I'd compare it to a plain and some very tall building, but I can't think of any suitable ones. A coconut tree on a sandbar in the ocean? Maybe.

Also, prepare for a massive update soon. There looks to be at least 7 "How Not To Kill Off A Character" submissions waiting in the HNTRAC mailbox (Yes, Tero, I left them unopened). I'd put them up myself, except that I suspect Tero would kill me if I messed with his delicately-balanced system of updating.

ps: I finally got around to correcting that damned banner.

New Theme, Slow Service

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/08/20

A few new updates here, and most importantly, a new theme has started! Send in those submissions, and expect a giant update in the near future.


Posted by Terotrous on 2004/07/20

I finally got around to fixing the bug that was appearing on some pages. And uploaded some new stuff... Yup. Move along now.

Handfull of reviews

Posted by mcDuffies on 2004/07/07

Ok, I wrote reviews for all unreviewed comics. Then I added my submissions so now there are unreviewed comics again :-(

Free Comic Book Day!

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/07/02

An update just in time for Free Comic Book Day. I'd call it good synchronization and not laziness on my part. Many new comics posted.

New Site Design Madness

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/06/15

The new site design is finally ready. Expect some new features to start showing up soon...

Stark Contrast

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/05/25

No, the recent lull in updates isn't due to my signature laziness, it's that no one has been sending in anything. Perhaps there's some secret conspiracy going on where everyone agrees to send their submissions in at exactly the same time...

So Much Update!!!

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/05/25

Seven new comics put up. Every last one on this page is currently new. That took a long time. If there are errors, I don't really care. Need break...

Time Flies When You're Slacking Off

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/05/16

True story. I've put the next theme up like I said I was going to over a week ago. Now I can get back to not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Terotrous out.

It's Online Comics Day!

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/05/05

Today is a very special day in webcomic land. Today is Online Comics Day! In celebration of all that is good with webcomics, we've prepared this. It's just our way of giving something back to the community. And it's rude to refuse a gift.


Posted by Terotrous on 2004/04/30

Yes, we're back with a few new updates. It seems the exam monster has eaten up most of our contributors. Expect a new theme in a week or so.

Pushing Phalanx's post from top so I could post something unimportant

Posted by mcDuffies on 2004/04/20

Ah-ha! Rewiev monster attack! I think I rewieved all new comics. But you can never know what I screwed up.
Yeey! We're on "Comixpedia!" *waves* Hi mom! Hi dad!

HNTRAC on Comixpedia!!

Posted by Phalanx on 2004/04/13

Holee crepˇ! Looks like people must really love BAD webcomics, because HNTRAC just got a whole front page mention to itself over at Comixpedia. Ok, so we've been called "How Not To Run a Webcomic" instead of just "How Not To Run A Comic" (My fault for making that mistake on the banner, and looks like that's going to keep haunting me forever. *hides head in shame*)

To all the new readers, Welcome, and feel free to delve into our collection of the best of the worst intentionally bad comics on the Net. Remember, we at HNTRAC advise safe viewing of these comics, so if in doubt to whether you may go blind after reading your reading experience, wear safety goggles. Moop! Phally out!

New Theme Madness

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/04/05

More updates. Again. Check through all the new ones. And the new theme is up. I think it's particularly apt right now. Terotrous out.

It's Like I Never Left

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/03/28

I'm back. Again. Apparently people love to submit things whenever I'm not watching, as there are FIVE new submissions up. A new theme will be starting shorty (as soon as I get around to it), so keep your eyes peeled. Terotrous out... but hopefully coming back.

Ih... oops?

Posted by mcDuffies on 2004/03/20

I commented all updates and, uh, screwed something up as usual. I fixed it and it'll be all right soon but this is very bad for my reputation...

Crazy Fun Reader Input!

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/03/07

My dear readers, I come to you with a question: Would you be interested in a HNTRAC forum? We've got some new features in development for which a forum would be handy, but I need to know whether or not you'd all be interested in comic discussion and stuff like that. If you like the idea, please post something in the tagboard. Remember, forums don't have popups. Terotrous out.

I Came, I Saw, I Commented

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/02/19

I've now commented everything. This would be a good time to read through the archives and catch up on anything you might not have seen. *wink* Terotrous out.

We're BACK!

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/02/19

So, did you miss us??
*Long silence*

Hopefully some of you are still around. I've put up a new theme, some new contributions, and the past themes page. Check it out. And draw stuff for us. I swear I'll get to doing my comments soon. Terotrous out.

A Vote For HNTRAC is a Vote Against Stupidy

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/01/25

You've probably noticed the vote banners at the bottom of this page. Well, they actually do something now. So go and vote for HNTRAC and help us spread the word. And remember, the more popular HNTRAC gets, the more comics get sent in. Everybody wins! Terotrous out.

It Doesn't Stop

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/01/25

Two days since last update. 6 more new comics. Viva the snowball effect. I swear I will get my comments done... eventually. Terotrous out.

More update!

Posted by mcDuffies on 2001/01/23

More update! Two at once by axonite! More Mario sprites for everyone! And we all love Mario, don't we? But that's not all! Here's also Luigi!
There is War's update (and we all love random violence, don't we) and an entry by a new author, Cheebs, author of Constant Flux.

Ginormous Update

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/01/12

Five new comics have been sent to us in the last three days. You're gonna wanna get in on this. Comments to follow. Remember, all past themes are still perfectly valid. Terotrous out.

New Theme: How Not To Introduce Your Characters

Posted by Phalanx on 2004/01/20

We're all set for a new theme! How not to Introduce your Characters!

McDuffies has the first one up already!

Click for even more news.