Links and New Comics

Posted by Phalanx on 2004/01/16

The site has had a hefty update! There are 3 new comics to the first theme (How Not To Start A Comic).

Also, the new Links section is up!

McDuffies's back

Posted by Mcduffies on 2004/01/13

I'm finally here, with a load of comments on old updates and freshly new entry for flashback theme.

Keenspace Book 2004

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/01/12

This might be of interest to any and all Keenspacers. They're looking for people to join the Keenspace 2004 Book that is given out on Free Comic Book Day in june. It's $50 a page to be in it, which is a really good price all things considered. Check out this page for more information. Terotrous out.

Now We Play the Waiting Game

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/01/11

I had a really busy weekend, so I apologize that KittyKatBlack's submission was sitting in our inbox for over two whole days. I blame Yahoo for saying that there were "no new messages". You probably noticed that the most recent submission is on the front page now. You can click on it to go to the actual page assuming my html isn't messed up. Keep submitting stuff! Terotrous out.

Tutorials List Up!

Posted by Phalanx on 2004/01/07

Terotrous has added Chaos Cricket's Contribution to our current "How Not To Do A Flashback" theme.

Also, I have put up a primary list of tutorials in the tutorials section for your reading pleasure. Have a look at them. I also need more sources so if you know of any other tutorial sites that are not in there, let me know! I also fixed a few bugs, so the author's page should be working correctly now.
Moop! Phally out!

Keep 'em coming!

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/01/01

We've already recieved some submissions for challenge 2 that you can all check out. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that you don't specifically have to make an awful comic. The point is in the parody. War's latest submission is an excellent example of this. Terotrous out.

Fix for Mozilla

Posted by Terotrous on 2004/01/01

I've fixed a compatibility issue on Mozilla. Super kudos to Geoduck for pointing it out and Higamigokoro for telling me how to fix it. Happy surfing, all! Also, happy new year to everyone. Keep sending us your submissions. If you have a particular feature you'd like to see implemented soon, go whine about it on the tag-board till I do something about it. Terotrous out.

Now with more email!

Posted by Terotrous on 2003/12/30

We now have an email up so you can send us your contributions. You can find out all about it on the contribute link on the menu at the top. Terotrous out.

New Site, New Look

Posted by Phalanx on 2003/12/30

Well, as you can see, Terotrous hasn't been idle. Besides the spiffy new look of the site, he's added some pretty cool features like the author bios. We're still working on getting the rest of the site functional.

Also, we now have a submissions email:

How Not to Start a Comic #26 is also up!

Let there be Archiveness

Posted by Terotrous on 2003/12/29

Archives are now up. You may search by author or by topic. I'll start posting the submissions for the second challenge soon, and the email is coming, so keep on drawing. Terotrous out.

Numerous hours later

Posted by Terotrous on 2003/12/28

I've fixed up the archives and added my comments. The changes are mostly behind the scenes, but they'll make our job a lot easier. Terotrous out. For a while.

HNTRAC under new management

Posted by Terotrous on 2003/12/28

Well, not really, but I've joined the cause. The page has been revamped to give us some breathing room, but there's still a lot to add. Soon we'll have the email up for accepting submissions for the new theme, so you can start drawing now. Rest assured, I've still got a lot of cleaning up to do. Terotrous out.