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Online Comics Day 2004!

OMG!! HNTRAC participated in Online Comics Day! Check out our submissions!!!1!1!
We followed teh instructions uber carefully!!!
By Terotrous

By Phalanx

By McDuffies

By Jex Kerome

By Ryan Kolter

Terotrous says:
I'd like to be serious for a second, if I may. First of all, thanks to Jex Kerome and Ryan Kolter
for helping us out (you can mouse-over the images to see who drew them). Secondly, thanks to
Howard Taylor for cooridinating Online Comics Day!
I think that it's wonderful that the webcomics community can make something like this and
even this website in general possible. If it wasn't for everyone, I'd never have gotten
into cartooning like this and my life would be pretty different. Three cheers for Keenspace!
Three cheers for webcomics! Three cheers for almost forgetting this event altoghether!
(It's been a really busy week). Keep on truckin', everybody!

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