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How Not to Run a Comic is devoted to teaching people
how to write webcomics while having some fun at it.
Contrary to what you might think, having made some
(or all) of these mistakes doesn't make you a bad
cartoonist. We couldn't poke fun at these things if
thousands of others hadn't already done them.
How Not to Run a Comic is maintained by Terotrous, Phalanx, and McDuffies.
If you're feeling vindictive, you can go find all the
errors we've made in our comics and see that no one is immune.

Q. Where did HNTRAC come from?

A. How Not to Run a Comic started out as a thread called
"How Not to Start a Webcomic" on the Keenspace Forums
by Phalanx. The resulting outpouring of support led to the
creation of this website, and the recruitment of Terotrous and
McDuffies to help control the flood of submissions.

Q. Is it How Not to Run a Comic or How Not to Run a Webcomic
or How not to Run a Comic on Keenspace...

A. I don't know. Think of it as part of the overall example:
Make sure you know what your comic is actually called before
making banners for it.

Q. How can I help / contribute?

A. Head over to the contribution page for a step-by-step guide.

Q. I don't have a comic. Can I still contribute?

A. Of course!

Q. My comic has moved or I want to replace the comic being listed.
How do I do this?

A. Post on the tagboard or forum, or send us an email about it.

Q. Can I send some of my early comics to HNTRAC? They're really bad!

A. We'd prefer if you would draw something especially for HNTRAC,
As we've had serveral people attempt to contribute their whole archives.
Also, bad of the fun of HNTRAC is you get to be really bad on purpose.

Q. What's with "I'm bored! Let's start a webcomic!"? I don't get it.

A. This oft-duplicated scene from Real Life has become synnomous with bad writing.
It was also the joke used in the very first submission, so it has nostalgia value.

Q. Hey! I feel offended by something I saw on HNTRAC!

A. HNTRAC isn't meant to insult people. It's so we can all share a
laugh about some of the crazy things cartoonists do. If you happen
to pick up a tip that can improve your comic, all the better.
The admins don't control the content in the cartoons people submit,
so it's possible there could be bad language or nudity or something.
But I don't think people actually care about this any more.

Q. How can I have HNTRAC review my webcomic?

A. Go to the forum and post in the review requesting thread.
The reviewing process is currently under revision and whether or not it
will come back is up in the air.

Q. Can I get a normal review instead?

A. There are lots of other sites that do this. Probably faster too.

Q. Why does this site update so rarely?

A. 2 reasons, really. First of all, all of the coordinators do 2 other comics
besides this one, and I'm limited in how often I can update by the number of
submissions that I get. If you want more updates, contribute and pressure me.
Perhaps it's even a poignant reminder to update your own comic if you don't want
your popularity to drop off. Do note you can check here to see when we update.

What's with the lack of comments?

A. See above, mostly. Hopefully this will get sorted out eventually.

Can I comment on other people's comics?

A. I would originally have said no, but with the coordinator's inability
to keep up I am now considering this. You're welcome to post submission-oriented
threads on the forum, too.

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