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Contribute to HNTRAC

You want to contribute to How Not to Run a Comic? That's great! HNTRAC thrives on contributions
from other artists. Show the world your unique sense of humour or personal pet peeves.
We'll even provide a link back to your comic and list you in our artist database.
If you wish, you may still submit entries to the previous challenges as well.

How to contribute:

Step 1: Read the latest challenge, or find a theme that you like from the past themes page.
Step 2: Draw your entry. Be creative! Find an angle that no one else has thought of.
Step 3: Send an email containing the following information to
- The name you go by
- Your comic's address and name
- The challenge you're submitting for
- Your submission (You have to attach this)
(Optional) - A link to a banner for your comic (Unneccessary if you're already in the database)
(Optional) - Some comments on your comic. We'll still comment on it for you.
Then send it our way and we'll do the rest. Happy cartooning!

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The comics displayed on this site are the copyrights of their respective creators and are used with permission.
'How Not To Run a Comic' respects the wishes of the comic creators and will remove any comics on request of the creator(s).